The Poetry of
Jack Scott

The Arrow of Sight

Gulls and clouds
black and white upon the distance, blue,
the visible of heaven
the within of day lit sky.

Sky, now target of sight’s arrow,
so vast there is no bull’s eye.
The fletcher mesmerized
by the path of his attention:
playground of the clouds,
the vantage point of gulls,
hunting ground of raptors.

The gull,
black dot on distance
punctuation at the end of sentence,
attention’s flight of fancy.

Far makes all things small
drawn by the eye-
one gull to sight
like moth attracted by the light.

Wild life is tamed
by distance
the prophylactic
sheathing safety.
The cloud we share in sight is soft;
all distance is now friendly.


718 ®Copyright 2014 Jack Scott. All rights reserved.