The Poetry of
Jack Scott


Suppose you were an elephant
and won the lottery . . .
Then suppose you bought the zoo . . .
would you have a Human House?
Suppose you had a Human House . . .
would you put howdahs on the Humans
and charge elephants to ride on them?
Suppose you got on a howdah and rode a Human . . .
Would you reward him with peanuts. . . .?
. . . or punish him with peanut butter?
Suppose a Human got out and ran amok in the streets?
Would you shoot him with a tranquilizer dart . . . ?
. . . or a BULLET!!!
Or would you just give him some milk
so he could swallow the peanut butter
and return docilely to the Human House?


509 ®Copyright 1999 Jack Scott. All rights reserved.