The Poetry of
Jack Scott

Set Theory

I am eccentric
deliberately on purpose.
I sit within my circle
of circles
creating graphs
and pie charts
to demonstrate
and prove my theories.
All believe I have them,
many more than two or three.
Flywheels, hoops
and spinning wheels
toothed cogs and gears
all circles,
mine when I’m within them
I am the master
of concentricity,
I overlap with anything,
everything before I’m through.
There was One before me
making claims somewhat like mine
but he has conceded.
I have no competition
as far as I can see.
All of my horizons
are round within a skyline,
protecting me.
I’m safe within my center,
containing centers
the core of which is me.


308 ®Copyright 1973 Jack Scott. All rights reserved.