The Poetry of
Jack Scott

No One Ever Asked for All of Me

Years ago
some of us got on my toboggan.
Every time we hit a really big bump
and crashed or overturned
we trudged the abominable snowmobile
back to scratch
and took the plunge again
gaining in momentum won
what we had lost in schedule.

The tendency is to keep going,
to see the bump in the furrow,
to avoid it completely.
or to close one’s eyes
and steer like blind and bloody hell,
drastically, fundamentally
and hope, either way.
The idea is you and loving you.

Failing you will leave me no excuses.
Bear with me,
I must make the change
and you must count it.
I begin with what you ask for,
calling it enough,
but it is less than I can be.

No one ever asked for all of me.


625 ®Copyright 1972 Jack Scott. All rights reserved.