The Poetry of
Jack Scott

Gremlins vs Leprechauns

The leprechauns of order
are marauded by gremlins
of disrepair.
Chaos is doled by ladles,
spiked by politic despair:
fairyland’s mid air collision.

All ups come down
we know,
but some things seem to never land.
Midair refueling’s done by hand
these days.

Marching armies come to naught
when matchsticked spear for spear.

Seven billion lives:
sum zero,
when all of twos
are mano/mano,
one to one.

Chastity’s the worst perversion,
civil war the grossest sin.
We fell from heaven fighting.
Fight on,
we know not what war we’re in.


440 ®Copyright 1974 Jack Scott. All rights reserved.