The Poetry of
Jack Scott


Oct 26

Thank You

The best gift I have ever received has been this website. My son, Kevin, gave it to me when he realized how much it meant to me and that I was completely incapable of creating it for myself. Small World Department: A couple of his very best friends are Patti and Bob Roth who work and live in Orlando, Florida. They are, among many impressive other things, professional website designers. A deal was struck and gradually the website was built. I’m grateful for their patience because I had absolutely no idea what goes into making a website and I am, perhaps, the first poet coming to them for a non-profit website. I knew what I wanted: simple and elegant with no advertising and no ornament. It went back and forth a couple of times, but they completely gave me what I asked for. In fact, they improved on some of the things I had specified.

I am very grateful to all of them.


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