The Poetry of
Jack Scott


Oct 16


I’m a retired sculptor, published writer, Reiki Master Teacher, and a constant poet.    I have been writing poetry all of my life. I have made no attempt to publish it or give readings in over fifty years. Over the past year I have organized and indexed my life’s work, a rescue attempt of over 800 poems. I have divided them into four categories: Deleted, Rejects, Maybes and Selects. I regularly improve Maybes into Selects, or let go of them as Rejects or Deletes.I always have Maybes to work on, meanwhile writing new poems from fresh or freshened material. I favor no genre and write in a broad variety of topics and forms in lengths from one line to thirty pages.

My passions include reading, writing, making art, making love, movies, theater, thinking, meditation, Reiki, fishing, bodies of water, mountains, mystery, conversation, and looking at things, feeling the beauty of them. A sense of beauty is at the core of all of my delights. I find myself thinking in poetry much of the time.

I’m 79 years old. My mind still works well enough and my focus can be as intense as needed. I’m reasonably healthy, but my body is naturally slowing, steadily becoming more infirm. I don’t fear death, but don’t intend to put up with pain beyond a certain limit. I feel calm and accepting about what lies ahead.

I won’t miss my things- my fishing tackle, tools, garden and so on because I’ll be leaving them; they won’t be taken from me. I do have one regret, one lingering sadness that, if I don’t make an active attempt to publish the best of my poetry, no one else will, because no one else has read or heard it, and it will end up in an attic or dumpster (as opposed to going out of print).

Posterity and other vanities are not on my mind.

I just want to give my poetry a fair chance to be read. Now.


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